Highland Equestrian Conservancy Disbanding

After our 16 years of serving the local community, increasing conservation and equestrian awareness, and supporting our mission, our group is disbanding. 

Our accomplishments would not have been possible without the loyal support of all of our members. Your donations, participation in events, and volunteering enabled us to conserve land for future generations, assist with trail improvements, and continue to support maintaining our local area a rural paradise.


We all hope our paths shall cross again in the future. Wherever the trail takes you, enjoy the journey!

 Four organizations were selected to be the recipient of HEC funds including:
  • Friends of Highland Recreation Area (FOHRA) - $8,000 for a water filling station that will provide water in the Gate House area.
  • Highland Trail Riders Association - $7,660 to fix erosion on the West Loop equestrian trail at Highland Recreation Area State Park.
  • Horses’ Haven - $7,551 to build a training and rehabilitation course for their horses.
  • Oakland County Parks - $2,000 for the installation of a hand water pump at Highland Oaks.​

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