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   The Highland Equestrian Conservancy 
Horses are the last bastions holding back sprawl ~ Sharon Greene

The Land Conservancy and Educational Resource
In Horse Friendly Highland Township

 "The mission of Highland Equestrian Conservancy is to conserve and protect our natural resources 
while preserving the rural character and equestrian heritage in and around Highland Township"
Did you know:

1. The HEC is the original conservancy of Highland
2. That Milford High School in Highland Township is the first high school in the nation with an inter-scholastic equestrian team with 20 acres, 4 arenas, and a club house
3. The Huron Valley Equestrian Field has 20 acres, four arenas and a clubhouse
4. Highland Recreation Area has 6000 acres and over 12 miles of horse trails
5. Highland Township has one of the highest concentrations of horses in Michigan with over 750 horse's

Did you know:

The Conservancy won a grant from www.elcr.org and we purchased a new land acquisition of a 1/4 mile long linear parcel adjoining Highland Oaks County Park. With the assistance of our friends at Headwaters Trails and the Rosies, this purchase was possible. We are working in cooperation with Oakland County Parks on building a rustic horse and hiking trail that will connect Highland Oaks to Rose Oaks County park.  

Contact us at: 248-887-3970 or by email at: highlandequestrianconservancy@gmail.com
or at: P.O. Box 12, Highland, MI 48357
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