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Contact us at: P.O. Box 12, Highland, MI 48357
Our Mission
Founded in 2002, the mission of Highland Equestrian Conservancy is to conserve and protect our natural resources while preserving the rural character and equestrian heritage in and around Highland Township. Horse-friendly Highland Township's unique connection to the equestrian community and preservation of land has resulted in recognition as "The Highland Model." As part of this model, annual events to bring awareness about our equestrian heritage and beautiful landscape provide opportunities to connect our community. Past events have included a Barn Tour and Dancing with Horses:

Barn Tour

This annual event reconnected with the heritage of Highland Township for five years. The tour featured historically rich barns and special attractions. 
Dancing with Horses

An eclectic expression of equine talent featuring various musical performances of vaulting, dressage, barrel racing, trick horse jumping, drill team and more. This was hosted in 2010 & 2011 at the 299 acre historic Hoffman Farms on Rose Center in Highland.